Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 7

We decided to change the name of the game to fit the theme better and chose "Doomed Escape"

The website can be found at

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 6

After playtesting the game for the first time in class, we were made aware of scoring errors and other mechanics ideas to add to the game. We will add strategy elements through the use of different cards, and add monsters to the game board. The monsters will be able to attack other players, and each player will be able to control the monsters. We will meet to polish the mechanics and make cards, and before class we will go to FedEx Kinko's to print the materials out and to put the final game together. Right now the game is long and has errors, but we will make it a fun and engaging game with a few tweaks; it has great potential!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 5

The simple concept of the game remains players advancing along the board and aging through experience. There are cards to be picked on each board spot which will be from one of 3 decks. Some of the cards will equip the player with a weapon or protection. Other cards may be a scary event or tragedy.

We have yet to include strategy or player choices into the game.

We want to include a ghost concept into the game possibly by a player picking a random card to turn you into a ghost and then affecting the game play by trying to turn others into ghosts.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 4

Today we messed around and learned about Photoshop. We used it to design our game board. We decided to make a transparent grid, with creepy wooden boards tiled in the background. First we learned how to change the size and look of the wood (for example, we experimented with different filters and colors). Then, we rotated the image of the wood, and editted it to fit the board. By doing all of this we were able to get the hang of the Photoshop program. Afterwards, we found a better image for the wood, and brainstormed other board design ideas, such as a bloody red grid, footprints, etc.

We are going to meet on Sunday to do our chapter assignment, and to:
establish a concrete back story and purpose/objective of the game,
figure out which game pieces we'll need (die, pawns, cards),
the cover art for the box,
rules with elements of luck and strategy. So far, most of the game is luck-based but we will change that.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 3

Today we expanded on the game:
We're planning on meeting out of school to continue adding details to the game (and to work on the jigsaw presentation).

Ideas on Cards
-Along with scary stuff on card, another card can let you jump up two because if you get to skip  a turn, you get to age less

“While you’re in game play, you’re being haunted or posessed by a demon. When you reach the end, you’re rid of the ghost or haunted thing.”
Quote/phrase: “Enter the game & get posessed”

You can collect and hold onto cards (that have a positive omen) and let you shield yourself from one bad specific thing in the future.

As a child:
parents die in car accident
disease where you can’t feel anything
“A clown from today’s circus haunts your room in your dreams ... but are they really dreams? You never see clowns the same way again. Age 3 years.”
“You dropped something under your bed, and a monster grabs your hand and pulls you into an abyss. It takes you 4 years to return to your room.”
killer teddy bear
dolls come to life

“You got into a car accident, roll the dice to see if you’re badly hurt... Roll an odd number to beat the odds & age only 1 year, if you roll an even #: you age 3 years”

As a teenager:
Get a haunted locker
Get stuck upside down on a roller coaster
Get near drowning experience .. or drown and die
bad teachers/final exams/lambertville high
Go to a haunted library
Overdose on drugs

As an adult:
move into haunted house
fire burning down the house
Losing a child from an accident

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 2
  • we decided to go with Creepy: The Game. 
  • the design of the game will be a staggered board with creaky wooden tiles, illuminating board pieces, and possibly noises. 
  • For the floor, maybe have holes in the actual floor so it can seem as if the avatar was going to fall through. 
  • Some idea's we have are once the player dies they can choose to come back as a ghost or demon.
  • each tile will have a catastrophic, injury related, or some other tragic incident that will harm the player and will cause them to take a card from the pile and pay the consequences each tragic incident will cause the player to grow in age with experience.
  • the goal of the game is to maintain the youngest (worse experiences make you age faster)
  • in the beginning the events will be childhood trauma like clowns
  • in the middle it will be teenage years where they rebel
  • the last and final stage will be adulthood and when they move into a new house that is haunted